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Maggie the Wunderdog

With her boundless energy, inquisitive snout and huge smile, Instagram sensation Maggie is the most recognisable rescue dog online.

But her warm, playful nature masks a traumatic past. Maggie was shot 17 times and subjected to cruelty and torture, before being rescued from Lebanon and brought to live in the UK by a determined and loving young woman called Kasey.

Maggie is blind but beautiful. She enjoys life to the fullest and her past hasn’t dampened her love for life and everyone she meets!


Regggie the Cockapoo

Reggie is a cheeky but lovable character with a crazy personality.

He spends most of his time testing out different dog products and enjoying the outdoors with his human Suzanne.

Reggie loves meeting up with his Instagram buddies, going on walks with his favourite group “The Cheshire Doodles” and exploring the British countryside. He is a pro at stand up paddle-boarding and is currently paddling his way around the UK. 

Although he looks all cute and innocent he can be a little naughty and will take every opportunity to roll in mud..or even fox poo!

Reggie is a top poser and as long as there’s some form of treats involved, he will literally do anything. (Especially for Sausages!!!)


Doug the Pug, Therapy Doug

Doug the Pug the Therapy Dog is a wonderfully sweet natured dog - full of benevolent and philanthropic intentions.  In a nutshell, this means he is well meaning and kind and generous and charitable.

​Doug works as a Therapy Dog and also as a Reading Dog.  Doug goes to work willingly and without receiving any financial reward (this is more commonly known as ‘working voluntarily’).  

​He’s a baggy, soppy little dog. His sweet nature enables him to love each and every one of his working days.

​His pleasures are simple.  In addition to a keen interest in modern literature, and a good lap on which to snuggle, Doug likes a warm sunny spot for regular snoozes and generous meals presented promptly at an agreeable time


Chihuahua Army

We are a family of 11 dogs we like to call Chihuahua army. There are 10 Chihuahua's and we recently adopted a new sibling - a Collie cross.  We all have our own distinct personality, from the joker to the stroppy teenager, the fashionista to the grumpy old lady we all bring something to our family. If you see us running around as a pack you'd feel instantly happy. 


Cheddar & Chester

Cheddar and Chester are two year old miniature dachshund twins who live in the midlands. 

The boys love adventures - parks, beaches, fields - anywhere they can have a good sniff and a run!

We’re very excited to be a part of the Big Dog Walk and Dog Fest, and can’t wait to raise some money for charity.

Cheddar will be most looking forward to the zoomies, and Chester will be on the lookout for snacks and photo opportunities along the way!


Cali Girl the Boxer

Hi My name is Cali and im a 3 year old Boxer girl from Hampshire. I absolutely love going on my walkies, We have so many wonderful places we can visit. I enjoy getting muddy in every puddle I mean whats a walkies without getting dirty. I also like to give people lots of kisses whether they want them or not. 


Poppy the Therapy Retriever

I’m Poppy and the hoomans make me go to school every day and listen to children read and play games with them - it’s a tough life but someone has to do it! I love super long walks, chasing my friends, belly rubs, sausages and biscuits! I live in South Staffordshire where there are lots of places to explore!


Miss Pearly Pug

Pearl is a 4 year old pug living in Hertfordshire with her 2 pugalier sisters, Ruby & Sapphire. (Named after pokemon games not precious gems).

She might be the youngest of the family but she’s most definitely the sassiest. 

Pearl loves posing for the camera and was recently the star of the Aviva pensions transfer advert. 

She loves adventures with her friends and raises money for many different charities through organising events and days out with her pug pals 




Husky Anuko

Anuko is a 6 year old Husky from Telford. He's known for being a little Gumpsky but he's pretty magnificent! Anuko and his Human will be clocking up their miles for our World Big Dog Walk Challenge and we can't wait to see how they get on!


The Trickstars

The Trickstars are dog trainer Lucy Heath, Ross Murrell and their family of talented dogs - Trip Hazard, Indie, Strike, Foxy and Dizzy (plus retired boys Trent and Ash)!  Some of their achievements include Britain’s Got Talent finalist, Crufts finalists and representing Great Britain at Open European and World Championships in dog dancing.   They have amassed half a million followers on TikTok with their funny and adorable dog trick videos!  They are passionate about promoting kind, fun, reward based dog training.




Human Sean and Barrie first met in Syria in February 2018. Sean, ex-bomb disposal, found a tiny puppy in collapsed building and simply couldn’t leave it behind. After long journey they were reunited in UK. His human, struggling with PTSD, credits the amazing Barrie with his recovery and they now walk through life together!


Mojo's Club

Hi! We are Mojo’s Club a family of 9 Toy Poodles. We love to do tricks and practice agility. Three of us are therapy dogs; we’ve been on loads of TV shows, are Guinness World Record holders and even have a band! Our hooman Lynne is the best and loves us all equally – we are one big happy family!


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