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Can you walk around the world and help dogs in need?



Raise funds for dog-related charities who are in desperate need due to the COVID pandemic

Come together (safely) with 1000’s of dog-lovers 

Collectively complete the distance that will take our pup Pip around the world (24,901 miles) 

Make your normal dog walks really count

Pledge a distance suitable for your dog and your family to complete within the month of September

It’s Free to join

Share stories of unconditional love

Give thanks to our dogs for everything that they bring to our lives


Please join us to complete the World Big Dog Walk Challenge, bought to you by Bought By Many's Big Dog Walk.

2020 has been a tough year for humans and dogs. Our dog charities have been suffering tremendously throughout this world health crisis and we think it is necessary to support man’s best friend in this moment of need.

 We are asking our pawsome dog walking community to get out and about in their own environment, should that be in a field near your house or even around the block on your regular walkies and pledge a distance you and your pup will walk during the month of September to raise money for the dogs we all love.

From the 1st September the links to the charities below will be made available for your pledges and donations. We are aiming to get at least 40,075km, the circumference of the Earth pledged. It would be great to lap it many times!

SIGN UP today and we will send you all you need to kick start your September World Big Walk Challenge, there is no entry charge we just want to make sure the charities that support our Dogs in need are taken care of at this difficult time. 

Let your dog take the lead and join the adventure to see how far you can walk during September either in a day, a week or throughout the month. Tell all your doggy pals, get outside into the fresh air and clock those miles up for the dogs we all love.

Join our pack today and sign up now


Carley Stenson 

World Big Dog Walk Champion

''During these difficult times we have all felt such a comfort and reassurance from our loving pets and had time to enjoy all the creatures around us. I know my boys have been my purpose. So now more than ever we need to help the charities that care for them. Being unable to home their animals, not having the full staff they need or funds for utilities to care for them has been so difficult. Please help them and share some love if you can.''


Clare Balding 

World Big Dog Walk Champion 

“I am so excited about the World Big Dog Walk as it's a great way of bringing people together (safely) to share their love of dogs and to raise money for some brilliant charities. I'm raising money for Street Vet which offers help to homeless people with dogs.”

Michaela Strachan

World Big Dog Walk Champion 

''Really excited to be supporting the World Big Dog Walk. What a great way to get dog walkers around the world raising money for the dogs we love. Me and my rescue dog Rio, will defo be joining in.’'



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How pawsome would it be if you and your family could get more walkies at the same time as raising funds for your doggy pals who are most in need?


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