How to keep your dog safe in the summer sun

How to keep your dog safe in the summer sun image

Tips to beat the heat 

We’ve all been lapping up the sunny, warm weather lately, but it’s important to think about how the heat affects our dogs, and to take measures to keep them safe.  Here’s the rundown on how to ensure your dog stays happy and protected while out and about this summer…

Tips to keep your canine cool 

At YuMOVE, we believe that prevention is key. By following our top tips, you’ll be sure to keep your pooch cool in the sun:

Provide shade

If you’re out exploring, take regular pit stops under the shade of a tree. When you’re back at home, move your dog’s bed to a shady spot. If your pup has claimed the bathroom or kitchen floor as their own, let them! The cold tiles are perfect for cooling off.

Reduce walkies

Make sure you’re only going for long strolls in the morning or evening. This way, you’ll avoid the midday sun.

Protect their paws

Pavements can reach scorching temperatures. Before heading outside, test the floor with your own hand. If you wouldn’t walk on it barefoot, you shouldn’t expect your dog to. Instead, opt for walkies on cooler grass or in shaded wooded areas!

Consider a cooling coat

Simply wet the coat and put it on your pooch. The dampness will help to cool them right down. Pets at Home have a great selection!

Go to the groomers

A regular trim – or just a groom if your dog can’t be clipped – will help to remove any old and insulating fur.

Wet them with water

A paddling pool or a quick hose down will help keep your dog cool without the need for a full-on bath. Of course, you should always provide lots of fresh drinking water. On really hot days, an ice cube goes down a treat, too!

Stop playing fetch

Dogs never know when to quit – this is because they’re simply having too much fun. But it’s best to reduce the playtime to prevent over-exercising.

Prepare some pupsicles

To make a doggy ice lolly, just pop their regular food in the freezer. Or, opt for one of these more elaborate frozen treats!

Do dogs get sunburn? 

The short answer is yes. The parts of your pup most at risk are their noses and the tips of the ears – the pink areas. The belly and tail are also vulnerable.

Just like their pet parents, dogs need extra protection in the sun. We recommend Petkin’s Doggy Sunmist Spray or their Doggy Sunscreen Wipes. Remember to reapply often – particularly if your pup has just gone for a splash. And make sure you don’t use a human sunscreen on your furry friend. Ingredients that are safe for us can be toxic for dogs.

Learn how to recognise heat stroke

Heat stroke can be really dangerous, and life threatening in severe cases. A dog suffering from heat stroke may display the following signs:

A high temperature (40°C or more)



Dark red or purple gums and tongue

Glassy eyes

Excessive panting or dribbling

Restlessness or complete exhaustion 

Loss of appetite

The best way to figure out if your dog is too hot is to check with a thermometer. If you’re concerned that your canine has heat stroke, see a vet as soon as possible. 

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*Kynetex VetTrak January 2021. Sales of YuMOVE branded products through veterinary wholesalers


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