Beat the rush

If you love the look of Big Dog Walk, but have a dog who gets a little anxious in big groups or hasn’t had much socialisation, this walk may be for you! As our first walk of the day, will give dogs the unique opportunity to experience a quieter event village before you set off and have no groups walking in front of you. 

This will be your opportunity to beat the rush of our later walks and enjoy any of our designated 2k, 5k or 10k routes in a quieter, more relaxed environment with other owners who will be respectful of your dog's needs

For dogs who love their walkies, but get worried in large crowds and prefer having their own space, this walk is their opportunity to walk in a safe space, with lots of support, and gradually introduce them to other people and dogs. You and your dog will be left to explore the walk at your own pace.

*Please do read our animal welfare guidelines as this walk will not be suitable for all anxious dogs. 



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